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Award-winning speaker Keith Challenger currently offers several carefully-prepared presentations designed to address some of the most perplexing issues (and greatest opportunities for productivity) facing the 21st century workforce:

    This highly successful keynote presentation is designed for extremely busy people! Using the principles outlined in his book Leap Life, he acknowledges the rapid pace of our lives, and provides invaluable tips and advice to help audience members spend more time on the things they want to do, instead of just those things they feel compelled to do. Encouraging us to focus on those things in our lives over which we have control and/or influence, he uses a combination of humor and personal experience to deliver a powerful, positive message that's perfect for all levels of an organization from the busy CEO to the frustrated janitor.

    Despite the title, in this presentation Keith explains why for most people today, there's actually no such thing as job security!
    Much more than a Change Management program, it informs and encourages employees of companies that are undergoing significant change to focus on the consistent delivery of value, the importance of attitude, and on how to put yourself above (and thereby not contribute to) the gossip and rumor mill.
    It's an invaluable resource for any company experiencing significant change, particularly in the mergers and acquisitions environment where uncertainty and doubt can kill productivity in the short term, but where you want to keep and develop the most valuable employees in the merged entity.

    One of Keith's most popular presentations, "Service as a Competitive Advantage" acknowledges the decline in levels of customer service, but shows how that fact can be turned into a competitive advantage. Using often hilarious examples of both good and bad customer service, he skilfully turns the audience's attention to the solutions, and offers simple but highly effective strategies for bringing your company or department's service experience to new levels. 
    This is the perfect presentation for executive or management retreats, and can be modified slightly for presentation to individual departments, or the entire company.

  • SWOT
    This highly interactive presentation begins by introducing the concept of the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis to your team. Interweaving his unique brand of humor, insight, and engagement, Keith then leads the participants through a totally interactive session whose outcome will be an invaluable guide for your management or executive team.
    His experience as a leader in both major multi-national companies and small independent businesses is unbeatable as he teases out the real story about how YOUR employees see your company and the marketplace!