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Leap Life

Keith's book Leap Life is "An irreverent, insightful, and highly entertaining read for anyone who feels they don't have enough hours in the day."

In the book, he outlines his unique Lack of Time MANAGEMENT strategy, using three simple keys to help us all better manage our hectic lifestyles. It's brief (only about 100 pages) and organized into short sections that make it easy reading for even the busiest people. Using a combination of hard-won life lessons and personal experience, he brings a refreshing new perspective to the age-old question of how to accomplish more in less time. From learning to say "no" in a positive way, to encouraging those around you to think in terms of solutions instead of problems, Leap Life delivers an unbeatable motivational and team-building message.

"If you and your team only read one business book this year, Leap Life should be it!" - Tony Robinson, IBM 

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Reader Testimonials

  • If you and your team only read one business book this year, Leap Life should be it!

    Tony Robinson - IBM
  • An easy read for just about anyone. I made it required reading for our leadership training course.

    Lisa Gray - A1 Logistics, LLC
  • The "two solutions" idea alone was worth the price of this book.

    Susan Yiong - Crane Engineering
  • A very innovative new look at the whole issue of how we spend our time. Highly recommended!

    Gina Wallis - Torre International
  • I read the entire book on one cross-country flight. A very entertaining and surprisingly insightful read.

    Dr. Robert Gilman - Surgical Associates