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Keith Challenger is a British born award-winning speaker, author, and entrepreneur.

His professional resume includes senior management positions with both major multi-national corporations and small independent businesses. He is equally at-home working with a small group or a global team, and communicates easily with all levels in an organization from the Chairman to the janitor!

He included much of his hard-won wisdom in his book Leap Life which was published in 2013, and is accompanied by what has become a very popular live presentation for very busy people, entitled "Not Enough Hours in the Day."

In both the book and the live presentation, he addresses the universal theme of lack of time in an educational and insightful, yet highly entertaining way.

His other popular presentations include "Job Security", a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement that although job security no longer exists, there are strategies that individuals can apply in the workplace to cope with fear and uncertainty. It's a positive, hopeful and uplifting message that is perfect for companies and organizations undergoing significant change such a reorganization or acquisition. Meanwhile, "Service as a Competitive Advantage" is an insightful and often hilarious look at how, rather than bemoaning the decline in service levels, forward-looking organizations who adopt a service culture can turn even relatively small improvements in service quality into a major competitive advantage! He demonstrates how even small and inexpensive gestures can have a HUGE impact on customer (and employee) satisfaction scores if they are done the right way! 

In 2016, Keith expanded his repertoire with what is fast becoming his most popular and unique presentation.

It's a corporate entertainment program called the "Magical History Tour" which uses the songwriting partnership of John Lennon and Paul McCartney to illustrate business concepts such as creativity in the workplace, collaboration, and adapting to change. Magical History Tour features live storytelling and music, trivia, historical references, archive video and a fascinating collection of images to educate and inform, but most of all to entertain his audience. This one-hour presentation is perfect for business social functions such as convention dinners and corporate retreats.